Metal Bending Services

Outstanding metal bending services for high-quality custom prototypes and production parts. Achieve the best possible bending results at low cost and fast turnarounds.

What Is Metal Bending?

Effective metal bending applies enough force beyond the metal’s yield strength to cause the material to deform without breaking. With different types of metal bending techniques available, you can achieve various shapes and geometries for your desired applications.

Part Accuracy

With the right design and program input, the CNC machine controls the bending process to ensure that every bend is done at the exact angle and at the right length. This increases the accuracy and repeatability of the process.

Smooth Finishes

An efficient bending process does not involve welding, ensuring no marks are left on the custom metal parts. CNC sheet metal bending services are also compatible with various finishing processes to provide better aesthetic results.

Maximum Productivity

The sheet metal bending process can be easily synchronized with an automated set-up to allow the bending tool to complete the process within the shortest period. This capability ensures maximized output.


Production for Small Volume The automation of the bending process for maximum productivity ensures cost-effectiveness. Labor requirements are also low, ensuring that the operation is relatively inexpensive.

Metal Bending Capabilities

Our sheet metal bending services follow ISO 2768 standards ensuring that we offer customers excellent quality prototypes and production parts.
We combine highly advanced metal bending machines with skilled technicians for accurate bending. Our capabilities are suitable for rapid prototyping and production.

CNC Milling Tolerances & Standards

Maximum Part Size1.5 m x 1.5m
Metal Bending ForcesUp to 1000 tons
Bending Line LengthUp to 7200 mm
Bending ThicknessUp to 60 mm
General TolerancesOur metal bending standards depend on ISO 2768.
Bend to edge/hole, single surface+/- 0.254 mm (+/- 0.010 in.)
Bend RadiusBe equal to material thickness
Bend Angle+/- 1°
Bending Cutting AreaUp to 4000 mm
Lead Time5 days or more

Metal Bending Materials

Our metal bending service is compatible with many high-quality materials with different thicknesses. Our facility has ultra-modern equipment to bend materials across different mechanical and thermal properties.

CNC Milling Parts

Commercially, aluminum is the most sought-after material for sheet metal manufacturing. Its popularity is due to its adaptive qualities and its high thermal conductivity and low resistance rates. Compared to steel—another common sheet metal material—aluminum is more cost-effective and has a higher rate of production. The material also generates the least amount of waste and can easily be reused.
Subtypes: 2024, 5052, 5083, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075


Copper is a broadly used sheet metal fabrication material in many industries as it offers good malleability and ductility. Copper is also well suited for sheet metal fabrication because of its excellent heat conduction properties and electrical conductivity.
Subtypes: C101, C110, C103, C27400, C28000. C36000


Steel offers a number of beneficial properties for industrial applications, including rigidity, longevity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Steel sheet metal is ideal for producing complex designs and parts that require extreme precision. Steel is also cost-efficient to work with and has excellent polishing properties.
Subtypes: 1018, 1020, 1025, 1045, 1215, 4130, 4140, 4340, 5140,A36,ST37

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