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Precision die casting service for customized metal parts and products with fast turnaround times. Request a quoting to get started today.

Our Precision Die Casting Services

If you have needs of custom metal parts, Scojet is a die casting service manufacturer that can help. We’ve hold our engineering team and equipment to a high standard to continually deliver strong and durable parts and prototypes. To ensure legendary quality, we operate strict die casting process that ensures that your custom requirements are being met.

Your Professional Die Casting Parts Manufacturer & Factory

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Your Professional Die Casting Parts Manufacturer & Factory

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Die Casting Technical Standards

Minimum part weight0.017 kg
Maximum part weight12 kg
Minimum part size∅ 17 mm × 4 mm
Maximum part size300 mm × 650 mm
Minimum wall thickness0.8 mm
Maximum wall thickness12.7 mm
Quality ControlISO 9001 Certified
Minimum possible batch1000 pcs

Die Casting Applications

Die casting is a versatile manufacturing technique, and it plays an important role in creating and producing many modern products, from aerospace structural parts to electrical enclosures. Scojet has provided innovative manufacturing solutions for different industrial applications. We offer high quality parts at competitive pricing to value customers in the following industries:

Automotive Parts

As die cast parts manufacturer, we specialize in making vehicle parts like gears, cylinders, gladhands, transfer cases, small engine parts, and even components for lawn and garden tractors.

Aerospace Industry

Magnesium and aluminum pressure die casting technologies from precision die casting service can produce light, durable structural parts with great resistance to corrosion.

Lightning Components

Our die casting service is also for electrical housings, die cast heat sinks, and many more components.

Commercial & Consumer Products

We also manufacture commercial parts including compressor pistons and connecting rods, heat sinks, bearing housings, parts of the sink faucet, meters.

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Know Scojet

Choose Scojet to Rocket Your Business

Expert Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services can be found in Scojet. We fulfill our customers’ designs when encountering aluminum, magnesium, or zinc die-casting processes.

Scojet combines complete in-house design/engineering and tooling/molding operations using the most technologically advanced die-casting and machining equipment available. Scojet Die Casting is your trusted provider of advanced die-casting services.

Your Trusted Capability in Scojet

Bring Your Custom Designs to Real

At Scojet, every part we manufacture is custom-designed and built to the exact specifications of our customers. Each part we manufacture ranges from a few hundred parts to hundreds of thousands of parts.

Latest Machine to Fulfill Your Needs

Scojet only uses the latest, most advanced die-casting machines and equipment for our producing high-quality parts. Our cold chamber die-casting machine types include:

Technical Standards

Minimum part weight0.01 kg
Maximum part weight2 kg
Minimum part size∅ 10 mm × 2 mm
Maximum part size200 mm × 500 mm
Minimum wall thickness0.5 mm
Maximum wall thickness10 mm
Quality ControlISO 9001 Certified
Minimum possible batch500 pcs

Die Casting Material

Aluminum Die Castings

We deliver aluminum die castings with significantly shorter lead times and cycle times, with first-time success. We have a wide range of aluminum die-casting machine sizes from 150 to 800 tons, and can produce aluminum die castings up to 2 kg.

Magnesium (hot chamber & cold chamber die casting)

Magnesium is the lightest of all casting materials and offers advantages over steel and some aluminum alloys in dimensional stability, impact resistance, and dent resistance. Modern high-purity magnesium alloys have better corrosion resistance than steel and some aluminum alloys.

We have large and advanced cold chamber magnesium die-casting machine, specializing in magnesium die-castings. We also have hot-chamber magnesium die-casting machines for all product needs.

Zinc Die Casting

We produce net-formed, no-fly components at low unit costs and minimal tooling investment.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Advantages

Dimensional accuracy and stability

The process produces durable and dimensionally stable parts while maintaining tight tolerances and heat resistance.

High-speed production

The cold chamber process produces castings with complex shapes and tighter tolerances than many other mass production processes. Little or no machining is required, and thousands of identical castings can be produced before additional machining is needed.

Simplified Assembly

Cold chamber die castings provide integral fastening elements such as tabs and studs. Holes can be core drilled and sized for tapping drills or external threads can be cast.

Multiple Finishing Techniques

Cold chamber parts can be produced with a smooth or textured surface finish and can be easily plated or finished to tolerances of +/-0.01mm with minimal surface preparation.

Install & Guide Service

When projects need special assembly and mounting service, Scojet Die Casting works with customers to bring the best assembly and mounting solutions. Scojet can handle the following requirements:

● Casting components into pins specified on drawings
● Realize machined male threads on the casting boss
● Casting holes in the drilling dimensions of the female threads
● Install pins and/or helicoil inserts after machining
● Assemble customer-supplied fittings together.

Scojet Die Casting Parts

Advanced Scojet Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold chamber die casting is a better way when you want metals that melt only when in temperatures. These metals are aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, brass, copper, etc. Cold chamber die casting consists an external furnace, and a ladle to pour the molten metal. The cold chamber die-casting can produce denser metal castings. Scojet is your trusted provider that offers you high-quality cold chamber die-casting service.

Die Casting Knowledge FAQS

The die-casting services in Scojet are with a range of materials to produce precise and intricate shapes. With perfect surface finishes and stunning details. The products have higher heat and pressure resistance and are more durable than others.

For cold chamber die casting, the metal is first heated in a separate furnace to a molten state. The molten metal is then conveyed to the casting machine and fed into the machine’s chamber. The machine uses a pressurized plunger to press the molten metal into the die cavity. This separate process directly distinguishes cold chamber die casting from hot chamber die casting.

Cold chamber die casting is ideal for metals with high melting points and high corrosivity. In contrast to hot chamber die casting, cold chamber die casting solves the corrosion problem by separating the furnace from the ejector assembly. The process begins with the furnace scooping molten metal into the ejector chamber through the pour hole. Next, a plunger presses the metal through the ejection chamber into the mold at a pressure of 2,000 to 20,000 psi.

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